Scottsdale, AZ - November 1-4th 2022


Scottsdale, AZ - November 1-4th 2022


Scottsdale, AZ - November 1-4th 2022


Scottsdale, a lush oasis in the Sonoran Desert, where sundrenched skies & wide-open spaces collide with modern architecture. The perfect location for our next Mastermind! What are DMO Masterminds you ask? Studies have shown that collaborative & cooperative learning methods far exceed traditional or class-based learning. We took that concept and developed an immersive experience that focuses on accelerating your skills & professional growth. Think of our masterminds as a key that unlocks your incredible potential as a digital marketer!

DMO Mastermind: Scottsdale Waitlist

DMO Mastermind: Scottsdale Waitlist

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Our Scottsdale Mastermind is priced at $2,199 with a +1 ticket available once you’ve been selected as one of our attendees. Interested in entering the drawing? Tickets will be allocated thanks to a waitlist, which is open to everyone. On June 3rd, we will proceed with our drawing, and let you know whether the draw has been favorable to you – in which case we’ll invite you to place your order. Waitlist tickets and +1’s are limited to a maximum of one per person.

Please be aware if you submit multiple times, you will be automatically eliminated from our drawing. We wish all of you the best of luck and can’t wait to celebrate with the chosen few who get to go on this incredible adventure through the Desert Southwest!


Explore The Jewel of the Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale, a city unlike any other... A place where the Old West & adventure can be found amongst this lush desert landscape. Our guests will have an action-packed agenda including:

Collaborative Sessions
Expert Led Discussions
Exhilarating Adventures
Sensational Dining

Agenda PDF

Download the latest copy of our Scottsdale agenda.

Live Agenda

5 PM

DMO Mastermind Registration Opens

Join us poolside and register for the event. You'll need to pick up your swag bag and wristbands for the event.

Jim & TJ  DMO Founders
5-7 PM

Official Opening: Cocktails & Conversations

Wander into Straight Up, our secret-ish whiskey bar housing all of your favorites...if you can find the entrance. Wet your whistle with curated flights, specialty cocktails, and an extensive list of premium whisky.

7-8 AM

Early Risers: Scottsdale Watermark Walk & Talk

Grab your water bottle and head over to Chaparral Park with us to stretch out those legs, talk about your current roadblocks, and get some fabulous pictures of the public art installation at the Scottsdale Watermark!

Jim Christian  DMO, Co-Founder
8-9 AM

Breakfast & Introductions

Start your morning off right and grab some delicious grub as we start our morning introductions and officially kick-off our Scottsdale Mastermind.

9-12 PM

Excursion: Saguaro Lake Horseback Riding

Saddle up and transport yourself to the wild west! Your hour long guided ride at Saguaro Lake are unlike any other Phoenix horseback riding trails you’ll find. Why? You'll be surrounded with picturesque locations like Bulldog Cliffs, and the majestic Salt River that winds through the property.

Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables  
12-1 PM

Nourishing Greatness: Lunch

Enjoy a lunch inspired by the Desert South West! Sonoran delicacies will be in full force for this incredible lunch!

1-3 PM

Lead Automation: Opening Up Sales

We'll teach you the in's and out's of automating a lead stream via Linkedin. We'll give you everything you need to start brining in leads for your business through targeted & automated outreach.

Jim Christian  Co-Founder, DMO
3-4:30 PM

Closing Customers: Exposing Pain

Strap in as we discuss the tactics we are currently using to land those juicy clients. You'll learn how using logic and exposing pain points helps close more clients in less time.

Group Discussion  
4:30-5 PM

Prepare For The Wild West!

Get ready to visit Cave Creek, a western town just north of Scottsdale, and the location for our nights entertainment

6-8 PM

Dinner: The Buffalo Chip

Famous for it's outdoor dining and old west theme, the Buffalo Chip is an institution for Phoenicians! You'll get a sense of what life must have been like in 1877 when Cave Creek was founded. Enjoy food, great company, and bull riding? We assure you, it'll be a night to remember.

The Buffalo Chip  
8 PM+

After Hours: The Buffalo Chip

Strap in, hold on for dear life, and have hope that you can make it 8 seconds on a real bull! Or, sit back, grab a beer, and watch locals try their best to stay vertical. Either way you'll have a magical night. After hours are completely optional and our busses will take attendees back to the hotel if they wish.

The Buffalo Chip  
7-8 AM

Early Risers: Location Coming Soon

Wake up, get some exercise and get ready to face a day full of action and adventure!

Jim Christian  DMO, Co-Founder
8-9 AM

War Story Breakfast: Your Ultimate Disasters

From de-indexing to botched migrations, there's likely no limit to what we'll uncover with this talk! The most important thing about disasters are the lessons they teach us for the future.

Group Discussion  
9-10 AM

Blackhat Roundtable: Cheating the System

Sure you can still buy links, and of course you can hire inflencers to leave positive reviews... but what other "under-the-table" tactics are you using to get ahead of Google and the other search engines?

Jim Christian  Co-founder, DMO
10-11 AM

Marketing to Gen Z: Influencers, Personalities, And You

Lookout, here comes Gen Z! Each generation requires a slightly different approch to marketing and Gen Z is no different. In this talk we'll discuss the successful tactics some brands are using to tackle this problem.

Collaborative Panel  
11-12 PM

Nourishing Greatness: Lunch

Enjoy a lunch inspired by the Desert South West! Sonoran delicacies will be in full force for this incredible lunch!

At Freezer at Camelview  
12-3 PM

Excursion: TBD

Don't worry, we've got something incredible planned, just waiting on some details!

Coming Soon  
3-6 PM

Poolside Chats: Open Discussions

Sitback poolside as we discuss some of your most challenging problems and how we can come together to resolve them.

Jim & TJ  DMO Founders
7-10 PM

CB Live: Dinner & Comedy

Break out the laughter as an A-list comedian takes the stage at our local comedy club! You'll have a fantastic dinner, loads of laughs, and enjoy some amazing comedy!

CB Live  
10 PM+

After Hours: CB Live

Your comedy show comes to an end and the live music begins! We love CB Live because it turns into a hoppin' nightclub once the comedy act is over. Join in the bar for a round of drinks, or call it quits and head back to the hotel. Our after hours are totally optional!

CB Live  
7-8 AM

Early Risers: TBD

Details Coming Soon!

8-10 AM

Breakfast @ Papago Park

Papago Park has been home to many different pieces of Phoenix history: it was a reservation for indigenous tribes, a fish hatchery during the Great Depression, a POW camp during World War II, and a VA hospital. Today, the park is home to The Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden, golf courses, various museums, baseball fields, lakes, and Sonoran Desert plants and animals. 

10-11 AM

Excursion: Desert Botanical Garden

A place of beauty & art emerges from the desert. We'll explore the gardens and its many art glass installations throughout the property. You'll also have the opportunity to get some new headshots! That's right, we've hired a photographer to take some amazing photos of YOU! Some of you might even know the photographer 🤫

11-1 PM

Lunch: Desert Botanical Garden

Enjoy a southwestern lunch inside the Desert Botanical Gardens! We'll have an assortment of goodies for you to nosh on while you take in the scenery that the gardens offer.

Desert Botanical Garden  
1-2:30 PM

Your 5 Year Plan: Let's Grow Together!

Where is your north star? And how can we help get you to reach your goals? This collaborative chat will focus on your specific goals and how to avoid some of the roadblocks. Join us poolside as we uncover how you can be successful in 2022 & beyond!

Group Discussion  
2:30-4 PM

Ask Everyone Anything: Final Discussions

Our final group discussion is focused on getting you those answers to your most challenging problems. So ask away!

Group Discussion  
5-7 PM

Mystery Dinner: 5-Star Dining Adventure

We truely did save the best for last. This is our version of a luau, a way of saying thanks, and for supporting the continued mission of the DMO. You'll have an incredible sunset dinner that overlooks the entire city of Scottsdale. While we are keeping the location a secret, it's easily one of the best restraunts in Arizona. Bon Appétit!

Mystery Location  

After Hours: Old Town Scottsdale

Don't let the name fool you... Old Town Scottsdale is where nightlife comes alive. Surrounded by 20+ bars and clubs you'll have the opportunity to experience the incredible sights and sounds of Scottsdale!

Connect. Inspire. Explore.


Our Scottsdale Attendees

Jim Christian
DMO Founder
Tj Van Der Werf
DMO Founder
joe sinkwitz
Founder, Intellifluence
Steve Wiideman
Founder, Wiideman Consulting
Adam Prohel
Co-Founder, NordicClick
Casey Markee
Founder, Media Wyse
Ross Dunn
Founder, StepForth Web Marketing
Sanez Pezeshki
CEO, Joyride Harness
Christopher Shin
COO, Digital Asset Directors
Kevin Indig
Director of SEO at Shopify
Thomas Ballantyne
Director of Marketing, Bulwark Pest Control
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